As some might know, there is this huge celebration every summer about fertility and celebrating life in general. I dressed up, felt good and was ready to enjoy life at least for a day.

Then he came around. that dreaded guy. I was just enjoying myself, and there he goes getting near me.

I say no, his mind says yes. I fight him off, he stays close. I unhook my hand from his, he grabs mine.

He touches my cheek, I hit it away. He checks me out, I push him and tell him to stop. He hooks my arm, I give up and let him do that for a moment, out of pure frustration.

He compliments me, tries to make me like him. It does nothing but make all thoughts ever of relating to anyone, go into dust.

He hangs over my shoulders and hit him with my elbow. I feel more than i wanted to, I tried to get away. He keeps on doing it, over and over, no matter how many times I hit him, scream, curse, he smirks and tries to get closer.

I see him look at me the whole time. I cant run.

He's a relative.

Thanks for corrupting me more.