The spectre of insomnia is haunting me again, so I am up and trolling my house in search of that oddest of creatures - entertainment that can help me fall back to sleep. Normally such a thing would be oxymoronic...after all, how is something that can put you to sleep "entertaining"? But you know of which I speak - something that keeps you chuckling (or ooh-ahh'ing) with just enough momentum to push you over the egde back to sleepyland.

So I decided to finish watching Bubba Ho-tep. I remember a couple years back coming across a blurb of the movie when it was about to come out. It had Bruce Campbell - good. Ossie David - good. Seemed strange but entertaining - good. Well, never got to follow up on it back then. So yesterday I was perusing various and sundry e-crap and came across mention of Bubba Ho-tep and thought, oh yes, I recall that title. There is something I should download and watch sometime. I did and started playing it early yesterday, though I had to pause it about 30min in to deal with the rest of my day (a.k.a. life).

I must say it was a little slice of grade-B heaven. Bruce gives everything the 3 C's - Class, Comedy and Chin. Ossie does every part he's in proud. When I started playing it I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was about so I was truly dealing with an unknown quantity of sorts, which made the unfolding of this most bizarre flick that much more delightful.

The King and JFK kick undead booty in a nursing home in east Texas. I mean wow, it doesn't get better than that. Even squeezes a sniffle out of you at the end.

Alas, it didn't last long enough to accompany me back to the Land of Melatonin sufficiency. So back to my old (yet new) standby of MST3K - Laserblast is tonights fare. Charles Band production which tells me Full Moon Video. I could write a whole entry just on my history with that lot. Actually, they make pretty decent direct to video sci fi/fantasy/horror. Almost feel sorry for them getting the MST3K treatment but on the otherhand, that's sort of a compliment too - after all how many flicks have garnered a lovely cult following after being skewerd on their show?

I should do some writing for sook - I will, I swear...later.

Damn mangahelpers. Was bad enough when Telegrams started locking the spoilers thread til Wednesday of each week. Now MH has followed suit. I mean wtf, some of those early spoilers were quite funny. On more than one occasion a true spoiler tidbit actually snuck in there on a Monday or Tuesday, too. Oh well.

Bloody chicken in a biskit crackers - ate some hours n hours ago and still getting chicken n a biskit flavored burplets. I hate that.