A couple of reasons why you need to join UG and not GB

But, first you need to know there are 4 kind of species, Uchihas, Bijuus, Gods and Humans.

This is the mentality of the forum

1. GB founder said that Neji is Bijuu level

2. GB founder said that Zetsu is uber cuz he has the GB.

3. Peintards say Pein is God

4. Naruotards say Kyuubi is unbeatable.

5. Minatotards say Minato is the strongest shinobi.

This is the mentality of the UG

1. Sasuke, Itachi and Madara owned a bijuu.

2. Zetsu didn't get Naruto, cuz he felt Kakashi, a sharingan user.

3. Madara orders around a God (Pein)

4. Madara summoned the unsummable, Kyuubi.

5. Minato got himself killed by Madara's pet

6. Demons fear the Sharingan while Frogs fear Rinnengan.

Clearly Uchihas, are Uchiha level[/SPOILER]