So, let me get this straight, BKJD. Which, if you've forgotten stands for BAD-KID JEBRONI DELUXE.
You want me to spend my time and money to come beat your ass like a drum?
I'll tell you what, BKJD. I'll get a jar. And start collecting change left over from Taco Bell, Blockbuster rentals, whatever.
And I'll put a sign on it that says, "BEAT BKJD'S ASS FUND."
And if I get enough money for a plane ticket, I'll find out where you live, and you'll get peaced.

You've crucified us all.

It's more a matter of not knowing who you are any more, or even if I ever knew.

I hope you fucking choke with all the hope that someone that doesn't exist
or matter can have.

The decision to walk out on you was perhaps the most unjustified of these.

The only other thing I can say is that you've done nothing wrong to me, but I've done something wrong to you and it's something I've done wrong to many people. That stops now. I said I was going to help you whenever you needed it and I meant it. I'm going to keep that promise.

Describe Me In One Word: Crushed.
What was your first impression? Crushed.
What reminds you of me? Certain photos of Virginia Woolf, her head cocked as if she's looking down at Hell through the grass.
What do you think about my eyes? Down. Always looking down.

I could fill a fucking autumn with the leaves I've turned.

I know.. Okay? I never have the right words to offer.

Maybe, you've opened pandora's box. You've ruined a relationship that needn't have been ruined.

You've killed Jesus on the cross, for no reason.

It's not so much that I don't have time as I haven't been sitting in front of a computer as often and whenI have, I often feel as though I have nothing to say.

I'll be gentle. I'll wait for you. Just come out.

What I said was that I don't know you very well now and I'm not sure I ever did, what you didn't let me do is clarify the statement.
I don't know that any of us can ever know someone as well as we'd liek to.
All I can do is see what I see. I don't know the version of you that you do. I don't get to do that.
I have poured my soul out to you in the past. I have let you in deeper than 99.9% of the people I know. You were -everything- to me at one point.
For you to say something like that was an insult.

I will. I am going to say something that I most probably should not say.
I love you.

I really miss not being allowed to communicate with you.
I got drunk and made a complete ass of myself, and now I have to pay the
price for being so stupid.
For whatever it is worth, I really do care about you.
That having been said, I will go away.

Man, my sideburns are so big, Gina. It's unnatural. You should watch me on cam. Because I'm a straight up gangster.
When I think you.. I don't think gangster.
But that's okay!
Nah, dude.
I'm OG.
The computer I'm on? I stole from a god fearing soccer mom.
Broad daylight, lol.
Where do you come up with this?
No, seriously, man. She bought a cheap ass five hundred dollar HP, was loading shit into her minivan..
Back turned to me.
I picked up the box & quickly walked away.
<-- smooth operator.
Lmfao.. You make me laugh more than anyone else does.
Chuh. Because I'm easily the most ridiculous person you know. I don't know, man.
I was like THE GRINCH or some shit. I got this vile smile on my greasy face, rofl.
<-- stole Christmas.


Chinese Snow: I bet Gina is a -freak-.
serena_ahnell: Lmfao
serena_ahnell: I am not
Chinese Snow: The whole conservative thing is just a game.
deathmonkey_x: She's really a beast ready to break loose.
Chinese Snow: I bet she has a tattoo of a serpent up her back + shit.
Chinese Snow: + all kinds of piercings.

Hey Gina, tell Kane... Oh wait, he can hear me, "FUCK YOU KANE."

I was like Mario from Super Mario Brothers and she was like Bowser. I would use flames and Squirrel power and I still couldn't beat her.

xiouz: Seriously, Gina sleeps naked.
serena_ahnell: No, I don't.
axiouz: Yes, you do.
axiouz: Shut up.
serena_ahnell: No, I don't.
axiouz: You know you do.
serena_ahnell: I am wearing a white t-shirt and pajama pants with teddybears and hearts on them.
serena_ahnell: Hardly naked.
serena_ahnell: >=(
puffpuff_is_charismatic_okay: ? i always saw gina as really badass.
axiouz: Yeah, dude.
puffpuff_is_charismatic_okay: ? teddybears and hearts?
axiouz: So did I.
axiouz: She's so afraid of a zombie outbreak.
serena_ahnell: I'm so badass that the teddy bears and hearts make me a more vicious woman.

just wanted to let you know i hope you're doing okay still. and that i'm thinking of you, obviously.
and that i'm proud of you for doing what you did, even though it's no fun right now. most people have too much fear in them to do what you do, but you. . .you don't. and i'm always amazed and rejuvenated by that.
anyways, i hope you feel better, as much as you can

And you know, it annoys me other things just build up. You for instance. I've known you for nigh on 3 or 4 years and we've barely spoken and I act like I know you

Do I really, Regina?

[Do you know me?]