Subtype: Humanoid.
Size: Medium.
Base Land Speed: 30 feet
Fey Blood: For all effects related to subtype, a Merrow is considered Fey.

+3 Racial bonus on Survival Checks.
+2 Racial bonus on any one type of Perform check. Must be selected at character creation.

Automatic Languages: Common, Aquan
Favored Class: Bard

Weapon Proficiencies: Merrow gain proficiency with the net, and trident.

Aquatic Form(Su):
As a full round action a Merrow in light or no armor may change forms a number of times per day equal to their constitution modifier + 1. This is considered an supernatural ability.

A Merrow's aquatic form is that of a Mer, seemingly half-fish and half humanoid.

While in their aquatic form Merrow become Amphibious and are considered to have the Aquatic subtype. Items that require legs are dropped as their existing legs merge.

+1 Natural Armor Bonus. Merrow become marginally harder to hurt due to the scales on their lower body.

Swim speed: 50. In the water Merrow are as swift as an Orca, although Porpoises and some sharks are faster. They may move through water at their swim speed without making swim checks and have a +8 racial bonus on swim checks to perform actions or avoid hazards. They can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. Merrow can use the run action while swimming, providing they swim in a straight line.

They also gain the following penalties:

-4 penalty on climb checks. It's difficult to climb when half your body is a fish.

In Aquatic form Merrow can't move very well if they are removed from the water. Their base land speed is reduced to 10 feet, and they lose their dexterity bonus to AC, although they are not considered flatfooted.

Lore: Somewhere between human, elf, and fey one will find the Merrows of the Tyrrhenian sea. Since the days of the ancient Alban Empire which stretched from Naksul to Genua, the Merrow have been a common sight to sailors and fisherman alike. Operating in large clans & family units, the Merrow spend much of their days hunting & herding sea cows.

Merrow have pointed ears, and slightly webbed fingers/toes. Although not scaly in their land-dwelling form, they have very little body hair--and tend to be on the lean side. They can interbreed with humans, elves, or half-elves, but the end result is always a Merrow, albeit one that takes on some characteristics of the land-dwelling parent.

On land Merrow will usually wear kilts and light clothing others might consider scandalous. Clothing, except armor, really isn't a big thing.

Land-dwelling Merrow settlements are usually in tidal caves along the coastline and are typically heavily defended. They generally get along quite well with humanoids. Some Merrow have been know to spend most of their lives out of the water.

Religion: Merrow typically venerate Gods of the Sea such as Sashelas, or Osprem. Their chief god is Procran. Evil Merrow might choose to venerate Yeathan or Dagon.