"Yes, do you have the winning lotto numbers?"

"Are you giving free samples today at the bank?"

"Can you do my laundry?"

"Give me a million bucks!"

"Can you do my grocery?"

"Yes, I'd like to have a tall Mocha Frappucino."

"Take my money."

"Can you wash my car?"

"Make the heat go away!"

"Make the rain go away!"

If you've ever said any of these lines to a service worker, stop saying it now! These are so called "jokes" I hear everyday when I'm at work. I used to be able to forcibly laugh just so the client didn't feel awkward, but now I have a stone cold stoic expression when I hear these lines. 5 years I've been listening to this, I'm surprised I haven't jumped out into the streets and intentionally get run over by a car.

Okay, got that off of my chest. I was going to write a more serious entry, but realized I should save that energy for the essay I need to turn in tomorrow. :p