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Kamen Rider Spirits:
Let's see if I can remember what was going on here. I guess they're trying to repair V3's cybernetic components. So Shikoku was transported to the moon. Why blockade the bridges to the mainland then? They're not even connected anymore. ZX is doing pretty good despite being limited to only 20% of his power. This must be that tiger they were talking about. It's some kind of illusion created by this guy's killing intent or something. Is this some kind of sonic voice attack? OH SHIT, IT'S STARFISH HITLER! THINGS JUST GOT REAL. This Mikage guy is pretty strong. Looks like they beat him in the end, though. Giant Mecha time now. I wonder, is there any official explanation why they made the Heisei Riders just normal people wearing armor as opposed to cyborgs like the Showa Riders? So I guess G.O.D. and Destron are both subordinate to Badan. And they're all working to try to release some villain sealed on the dark side of the moon. Why is ZX kicking the whirlpool? Weird training method. Well, he beat the monsters, but completely destroyed that bridge in the process. These kaijin lack style... makes me miss Starfish Hitler. Who's this chick now? I'm confused as to what's going on now. There are apparently a lot more chapters of this, as well as a followup series, but they're not available anywhere I can find. I give these chapters 6.9/10.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: I forget why Takao is playing the role of a schoolgirl now. She looks cute doing it, though. Seems the government is on to her, too. Uh-oh, attack of Hyuuga's robots. So Kongou survived and is being rebuilt at this Fog base? Looks like Gunzou's body is being genetically rebuilt from the ground up. I knew he wasn't really dead. They're letting Hyuuga back into the fleet? Did I miss something? Is this a flashback now? If Gunzou is seemingly so irresistible to every single Fog girl, then that seems like the best way to defeat them. Now I'm getting confused keeping track of all of these different Fog factions and their goals. I like how Iona gives the briefing and makes her and Gunzou's intentions clear. So some of the Mental Models are trying to retrieve something that the government has hidden... perhaps something relating to the Admiralty Code? And Yamato doesn't want them to get it. Takao can be scary when she wants to. So she's showing the other two these memories, to try to teach them something I guess. Now this is a rather ridiculous attitude - don't learn about or use superior technology if it belongs to an enemy... so I guess if this guy led a medieval army with bows and arrows against people with guns he wouldn't ever try to use guns himself? Retarded. Yoda? He's gotten awfully tall since I last saw him... Takao is working for Yamato now? And it seems Yamato is subtly trying to defy the Admiralty Code. So they're recreated Gunzou's body but he's a kid now, is he artificially aging faster? And he still doesn't have his mind/memories yet. This is interesting, but there should be more battles IMO. 10 Downing Street? Is it bad that the only reason I know that's where the UK government is based is from watching Doctor Who? If all of these Fog factions are going to end up fighting each other, isn't that nothing but good news for humanity? At this rate, they'll get that warhead to the US sometime around the next millennium. So now they're giving the humans energy as well as food? And the Admiralty Code doesn't have anything to say about this? They've transferred Gunzou's knowledge to his new body but not his consciousness? Odd. And speaking of the Admiralty Code... is he talking about souls literally or metaphorically? So nanomaterial has been used in the past when it was known as magic? Admiralty Code face reveal... and it means nothing. And we also have a second Gunzou for some reason. If there was a space elevator, wouldn't it have been spotted before now? Seems like mini-me Gunzou is a big deal, somehow. The Admiralty Code has a master of its own? And it's been around for thousands of years? Is she like an alien or something? Now one of the Fog owes the Hakugei's captain a favor. That could be useful. So Takao is being affected by these implanted memories too, huh? Three picosecond hacking time, that's impressive. Oh, so it was a trick and it wasn't actually that fast. Mental Models were created when some girl died in a fire? What? All of these burn victims are in some kind of stasis... I don't get it. I'm completely lost as to what's going on here now. Why does Kirishima need to breathe? Uh-oh, Iona and her crew are in trouble. Does Mutsu have 2 Mental Models? It's been a while since we've had a bona fide naval battle here, so I like this. Gunzou can sense the 'will of the Fog'? How does that work? Did I just see a character wearing a Miku Hatsune shirt? How are those plasma weapons invisible to everyone? I wish they would stop beating around the bush and just reveal the Facility 4 secret already. Iona is so good at commanding that she pretty much doesn't need Gunzou anymore. These chapters were pretty confusing, but they had some good parts and character moments, so I give them 6.1/10.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman: I had found the first two chapters of this years ago but now I just found the rest, so let's look at it. I think this was the first appearance of the Galactic King before he appeared in DBS. I heard someone say that he has a PL comparable to Zarbon or Dodoria, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Yen? Is that just a mistake or did they switch to Zeni later? You'd also think an alien from a more technologically advanced civilization would be able to easily earn that money in a lot of ways. Man, Jaco is way more of a murder-happy asshole than he was in the main series... So is Jaco ever actually going to fight someone that can give him a run for his money? I know there are at least a few people that strong on Earth even at this time. Attacked by Godzilla? Well, considering that there's a baby Gamera that exists in this universe, I suppose that's not too far-fetched of an excuse. So Jaco is willing to kill earthlings for minor offenses or even wipe them all out, yet he's willing to break galactic laws and manipulate time just to save one of them? That makes no sense. You know, if they still had this time stopping machine later on, they could use it and then take the time to charge up attacks or use Mafuba or something on any given villain... TBH most of the gags here really aren't doing much for me. I guess this goes with the Dragonball Minus/Broly retcon where Goku came to Earth as a toddler instead of a baby. Also, if Omori is an 'authority on space-time engineering', why did he say that gravity control was way out of his area of expertise? Probably just because Toriyama doesn't know how closely linked gravity and spacetime are. Oh, so Yen and Zeni are used in different regions? Is that still true later on? And it looks like the 12th and final chapter is just Dragonball Minus, which I've already read. This series was nice and succinct, so I give it a 7.5/10.

UQ Holder: So now we're revisiting the earliest (aka worst) scenes of Negima, except with a noncorporeal, naked Touta watching them. Is this Hell? Because it seems like it would qualify. And this one chapter has 60 pages, and there are dozens of more chapters to get through. What makes it worse is that the art is goddamn fantastic, but it's being wasted on this shit. I'd like the fact that they just basically stated that Negi and Eva never had any kind of romantic feelings for each other, if it wasn't done in the context of Touta being jealous. FFS. Albireo casually creating the gravity of the sun, a white dwarf, and a black hole would be impressive... if this wasn't all an illusory flashback. Some flashbacks to how Nagi met Eva, well this might actually be interesting. I remember this scene from a previous flashback in Negima. So what is this, just a pointless recap of all of the early Negima arcs? At least they seem to be condensing it a lot. Now more weird time breaking shenanigans, and MotB shows up for some reason. Her real name is Ialdabaoth... my brother is going to hate that, as he always liked that name, so now he'll get a huge Raigen Effect, or something similar. At least she just ripped Eva in half.... that tends to happen to people a lot in this franchise. Well Touta vs. MotB might be good, if only to see the former get his ass handed to him. I'd say something about it being bad writing when your story makes you want to root for the villain, but then I remembered Saitama vs. Garou. Cutting to a flashback before the fight starts? I hope it's short. I still don't see how anyone could possibly think that shipping Eva with Negi's grandson, who also happens to practically be her adopted son in the early chapters, is in any way a good idea. So MotB is using Phantasmagoria too... "This will be the final battle" - Unfortunately, I doubt that. Oh, come on, how could Eva fall for such a lame trick as changing into Nagi's form? And then Negi's. She should be way smarter than that. Well, at least the fighting here is great, and Touta is getting his ass kicked. That's a plus. Illusions of all of his naked friends crawling all over him? Is this supposed to be torture or fanservice? And he is randomly saved by Asuna? What? Apparently her soul was inside his consciousness or something. Asuna says she wasn't in a relationship with Negi, but then she says she's Touta's grandmother... Ability-wise? WTF does that mean? Her mind has merged with that of her ancestor the princess, or something... Touta got his powers from Asuna, and her powers are the only thing that can beat MotB. That's awfully convenient. I think reading this is actually more painful for me than it would be for people who hated Negima. Just try to imagine the following: There's a series you really like, with a great story, worldbuilding, a great cast of mostly likable characters, but then it ends with a disappointing anticlimax. You then hear there's going to be a sequel, but your hopes are dashed when you find out that it focuses on an obnoxiously terrible protagonist and a cast of thoroughly unlikable hangers-on, and to make it worse, all of the good characters you liked from the original are either turned into villains, hopelessly derailed and OOC, or barely even appear. The only thing to maintain consistent quality is the art. And now a mechanic where time stoppers are immune to each other's powers. That seems awfully familiar *cough*JotarovsDioripoff*cough* Is this literally a lightspeed attack? Rakan says it is and that he can't dodge it, but he can tank it. Now a temporary glimpse of the original Negi, freed from the brainwashed evil one. A plan to make all of humanity immortal is actually kind of interesting. This fight is getting kind of good. I'd love Yue and Nodoka kicking so much ass here, if they weren't pointlessly made evil. Apparently people controlled by the MotB can't be possessed. Rakan just lost an arm and reattached it like no big deal. At least as a villain he's still enjoyable to watch in action. Touta is such a Gary Stu now, actually beating Negi so much that Rakan needed to save him. Dammit, and here I was hoping Kirie would be kept to the background like she has been so far. I fucking hate that bitch. Nice to see her get stabbed, even though she won't die. Asuna/Princess appears and makes evil Negi leave because... whatever. Evacuating all of those people in a split second seems like a decent speed feat. Kirie is the worst of every tsundere trope all merged together. I also did not need to see that dream sequence. Even Kirie is breaking the fourth wall to insult the author for it... that's actually kind of funny. Oh, so that's how he saved those people... not so much of a speed feat, then. An interstellar spaceship? Great job giving us hints of things we would much rather be reading about than this shipping garbage. I think I'm beginning to understand many of the complaints about the fanservice in Negima - when it's a cast of characters I genuinely like and care about, and it doesn't interfere with the plot, I can just gloss over it. But in this series, with a bunch of characters I hate, and a nonsensical plot that I don't give a fuck about, it becomes nigh-intolerable. At least if they ship Touta with Kirie then he won't be shipped with Eva. But I have a feeling they're going to both just be part of his harem. At least Kirie got punched there. This Touta/Kirie shit is mind-numbingly awful. I haven't hated a character so much in years. This is not funny, cute, sexy, or entertaining in any way. And Chamo is back, but I never much cared for him anyway. At least Dana is back, one of the only interesting new characters introduced in this series. So now we're seeing what happened in Chao's timeline? Negi ended up with Chisame? Never would have seen that coming. And she rejected him. That was expected. Now this space fleet part is interesting, and the magical world extends beyond Mars? The entire universe has an alternate Mundus Magicus dimension? Wow, after so long we are finally getting something epic. This is the ending Negima should have had. Too bad we don't see the conclusion of the fight, though. Now that MotB lackey girl whose name I forget is going to make her move. Nice bullet dodge. A complete space and time freeze and he just escapes it even though his body is still there? So this girl was one of the MotB's failed immortality experiments. Now we're flashing back to the final battle against MotB/Nagi? The art here is astounding, and it's actually being used on something worthwhile. Damn, why couldn't Akamatsu have just ended Negima with this battle and not bothered with this sequel bullshit? Wow, he literally impaled Nagi through the chest and ripped out his bleeding heart. That's just... how the fuck can there be so many chapters of bullshit and then suddenly something this awesome happens? And there goes the 50-km asteroid. Calc fodder maybe. And Negi and Chisame eventually did hook up, which means that Chao is her descendant. Man, why couldn't they have just ended Negima like this and never made this annoying thing? Wait, are we now just getting a repeat of a previous chapter? So this guy has a limited amount of lives, it seems. But he gets video game - like invincibility after revival - of course that's a NLF when it says he's immune to all attacks. Dana is immune to timestop? And did she just use a power that I invented in the OBD a long time ago (perspective control)? Now a terrorist attack in space. This is actually getting quite good now. So they are actually bringing nuclear weapons into this. So Kirie's ability changes the past without creating a new timeline, like Whis. Except Whis is actually a good character. Running up that space elevator would be a good speed and stamina feat. And now they're actually doing the calculations for us, on-panel... reminds me of the old Akamatsu the OBD lurker theory. Hey Akamatsu, if you're reading this, kill off Kirie for good, would you? I wonder if we're going to get nuke tanking feats via pure durability now. Instead of running up the spiral staircase, wouldn't it be faster to just jump from each flight of stairs to the next through the center? And he's actually doing that now... I feel like Linkara when he reviewed the first 5 episodes of Gokaiger. Also, if he fails to stop the missile now, he can just go back and try again, can't he? This time using full speed from the beginning. But it looks like someone is trying to ruin Kirie's save point. Good, if it leads to her dying. So in RT2 mode, a 10km/s missile looks frozen. That does support the higher-end calcs. Now this is the kind of awesome scene that I loved Negima for. I see Akamatsu also did his research, as he didn't make the common mistake of having nukes explode when damaged externally. Kirie's save point is now broken so they can't rely on that anymore. Now now it's like Speed, if the train goes below a certain velocity the bomb goes off. And they even give the yield. Okay, Kirie's save point is ruined and the villain has her at swordpoint. SLIT HER DAMN THROAT! And Kirie pulls another power out of her ass, or at least claims she does. I say she's bluffing - call her bluff and kill her! Oh, so she's telling the truth, but she'll go back more than 10 years. I still say do it and undo this series. Goddammit, you almost got her. Why didn't they use that kind of detonator on the first nuke? So Gengoro gives up multiple lives to set up multiple barriers and dampen the blast. That is a decent feat. Yeah, I figured he's survive, it would have been better if he died, but oh well. And random Dragonball reference. And after that excellent arc, we get what is shaping up to be another awful fanservice chapter. What is the point of showing these memories? Oh, we're back to the Touta/Eva shipping. Sigh. And right after that show a memory of her holding him as a baby - that's not creepy at all. Now here are some flashbacks from the main timeline. Heh, Rakan making up random silly new moves. MotB is also immune to timestop, which is expected. Chisame sacrificed herself to save Negi but he still got possessed eventually, I guess in this next battle. Touta is a clone of Negi who can use these two forms of magic... too bad he got none of the likability. This is starting to drag, but at least we get to see what really happened in the time gap. We see the founding of UQ Holder, which I really don't care about. And yet another 'final' epic battle? Meh, the art is good at least. So Touta was one of many male and female Negi clones who all look different for some reason, and the only one who successfully got immortality and his powers. Meh. And Fate is using the clones as mercenary soldiers to gain data. That's actually a pretty interesting plot. Well the flashback is over, and now it seems we have a Kuromaru-focused chapter, which is likely going to suck. Oh great, and now we're going to have Touta forming pactios with all of his useless friends. These scenes were barely tolerable in Negima when they involved characters I liked, but now... I recall you could also do it by sharing blood, why not just do that? Less embarrassment for the characters and less pain for the readers. Well, the Kuromaru chapter is out of the way, and next it seems we have Karin. At least we get a cool flashback to her fighting with Eva 600 years ago. And they're railroading Karin into forming a Pactio with Touta. Typical. No, Karin, you're not the worst. That would be Kirie. But you're pretty close. Nice conclusion to the flashback fight - of course Eva won. Some decent backstory here. Random evil vampire chick? This is kind of interesting. Now we get to see how Eva got her evil reputation. Now that was an epic cross counter - they punched each others' heads into pulp. Now the evil chick is going all Alucard. Eva just kicks ass in this chapter. But now we're back to the lame shit with Touta. Okay, that was the most gratuitously unnecessary Pactio scene in the history of the franchise. And of course they keep it ambiguous whether God really exists or not, even though Karin is supposedly Judas Iscariot. And more Kirie trash. Cunt needs to die. Timeskip and now he's challenging Fate? Hope Touta gets his ass kicked again. If only those gunshots to the mouth could have been permanently effective... Okay, this fight is pretty good. But if he actually beats Fate I'm calling BS. So immortality (at least Touta's type) drains energy from the solar system. Well, that one way to beat him then. Who's this now, some guy who shows up and chops off Fate's head? There are a lot of decapitations and mutilations in this manga... Am I supposed to remember who this guy is? Because I don't. Come to think of it, in all the years they were searching for the MotB, couldn't they have just used Ayaka's artifact to directly go to wherever she was? Or is she conveniently immune to that, too? The return of Library Island is welcome. Wonderful art. So Library Island is actually a multiversal nexus that contains every possible book from every possible world? You'd figure the vast majority of them would be gibberish, or just plain illegible, then. Now we see the flashback to how we met this Lapis guy. Actually a smart plan by Touta... I'm sure it's a fluke. More interesting worldbuilding - High Daylight Walker vampires, the originals, were from a prehuman civilization on Venus? And Ba'al is back. IMO a much worse case of a cool mythological name being wasted on a lame character. Lapis is doing the Freeza/Toguro thing with his percentages of power. TBH I'd like to see a parody/lampshade of that trope some time, like someone saying 'I'm only using negative five percent of my power!' 0.1% is enough to 'rotate the Earth for a year'? Well the length of a day increases an average of 0.000002 seconds/year. That's 1.32e-10, so apply that to the Earth's total RKE to get around 3.87 gigatons, so his total power would be ~3.87 teratons. Not bad. Nice cross counter too. At least it's explained how he's getting these powerups now. And this is the second manga in a row I'm reviewing to namedrop Godzilla. And Lapis implies he could kill Touta permanently... if only. So these other UQH members are forced to serve Ba'al. Whatever. Another good fight. And Karin just blocked a colony drop. I have to say, the power scale here is getting pretty damn high, in both power and hax, beyond what Negima had. This Shishimi guy is actually pretty awesome. And Gengoro's respawn invincibility fails. And he even cut through Karin? He can cut through concepts? Apparently he can't cut through the control Ba'al has over him, though. I thought Gengoro only had 1 life left, where did he get 9 from? And this other guy can go all Kizaru, except he seems to have better control and maneuverability. So spacetime rifts can block his sword... good to know. I have to say, the style of fighting this series does where everyone is constantly losing limbs, heads, and being sliced in half but continuously coming back is kind of neat. I know Jinbei is going to miraculously survive this somehow... Shishido shook off the control, at least. Or did he? Jinbei got his dimensional powers from being hit by the A-Bomb in WW2... okay then... So if his head is destroyed he can regenerate, but it's a gamble. It also uses a lot of stamina. Ba'al is controlling Dana? I thought she was supposed to be invincible to everyone. Even Kirie has a hax fighting ability now? Geez. And I know it was set up like he was forced into a certain direction, but Kuromaru just cut a lightspeed being as it passed him... TBH I'm not sure how to rate this. When it was bad, it was horrible, but when it was good, it was great. The ratio of good to bad seems to be increasing as well, although I still hate most of the protagonists. So I guess 4.4/10.