Oh, don't mind today, I'm just usig a comp @ my cousin's house -- it has Intarwebz

When I got here to PR, I busted Granny's cable box, so a relatiive came over and took it to his place 2 fix. And whenit was fixed last Sunday, he told me, "Stay away from th 400--500 channels, tey is pronz"

So thn this MORNING, I brush my teeth when my mum was flippin chanels and she came accross....

Spoiler: omg

So ya, I hear it and I say, MOM WHAT R U DOIN and she liek, OMG turn away!! And thi afternoon, I told Granny about the "incident" an d later my other relaives XDD Good timez~

So yah, I open my (very few) gifts 2morro and such >__>; XD

this keyboard is crap, this comp needs new one BAD