Here is another poem that I have written, and shall share with the forum, for everyone here.
Spoiler: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

By DemonDragonJ

Fluttering wings,
Clutching claws,
Compound eyes,
Snapping jaws.

A gleaming shell
Of armored skin;
The skittering sounds
Of grasping limbs.

He soars
Across the burning skies;
Spreading his wings,
The lord of the flies!

Spreading fear,
Sowing doubt;
Instilling distrust
Within, without.

Fueling anger,
Feeding hate;
Defiling love,

He soars
Across the bloodstained skies;
Spreading his plague,
The lord of the flies!

Whipping the people
Into a frenzy;
Rousing the fires of rage.

Waging a war
Of violence and bloodshed
Lasting from age to age!

He soars
Across the blackened skies;
Spreading his curse,
The lord of the flies!
This poem has only the vaguest of connections to the book of the same name in that both take their name and inspiration from the mythical figure of Baalzebul, whose name approximately translates to "lord of the flies;" Baalzebul is a demonic being who causes panic and mayhem and rouses people in a frenzy of violence and bloodshed.

The final stanza of the poem is different from the first two because I imagine this poem being the basis of a song that begins slowly and then abruptly increases in speed toward the end, akin to Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden, One by Metallica, or Moonbaby by Godsmack.

What does everyone here think of this poem, do you like it?