When did the first season of Pokemon start up 1996? It wasn't an incredible series but it was entertaining to some degree. Hell after the season was over I even went back and watched the episodes I missed. Now maybe I'm being harsh since I never saw more than 12 episodes of a season other than the first.

The next season and every season after it was shit.

-Pokemon cordinating is the gayest, most
pointlest, most gimmicky thing ever created.

-The Narator is no longer a narator who lays out the mood of the episode, he's just a guy who says "Hey it's Ash and those other people."

-They've started throwing a new lead girl to keep interest in the show. Too bad each girl is more annoying then the last.

-Pikachu was enjoyable the first season but now it needs to be offed. It androgynous and annoying.

-Brock attempts to have sex with some random woman and thats about all he'll do for that episode.

-On the plus side James is a hell of a lot less gay. But now it's more like he's a richboy nerd who hopes hell become badass by being around a bunch of criminals.

-The hell is wrong with these writters.
"Lets reuse the plot from last season."
"Hell yeah, they'll never see it coming."
WTF. Actually put some effort into the story. Stop using Team Rocket as a antagonist for every fucking thing. I could bitch about this for an hour.

+ On the plus side. Fuck Yeah, Seaking.