I'm new and all..I made a thread and got lots of warm welcomes!So many nice people here!Except that weird guy who posted 'I hate you' in my thread. o.O Lol like he knows me..anyway.I can't pay attention to silly people.

All the people I've talked to so far are soooooooooo nice! ;3 I'm really happy.

I'm trying to post but..I just get lost in all those threads. lol The last big board I've been to was PokeCommunity which I left 2 years ago or even more. o.O I hope I'll get used to these forums soon. XD ^^

I'm trying to find some nice Gaara AMVs or pictures now...but it's kinda hard. ;_; I'm glad FCs exist.You can discuss about some pretty cool stuff there. :amuse

I gotta say bye bye now...Gotta post in some threads. xD