My name is Pikachu and I am now 6 years old, but at the time of my first time I had sex I was 4 years old. It was with my best friend. His name was Pikachu and we started being boyfriend and girlfriend in the eighth grade. We really thought that we were ment to be. We would always be together and we would play basketball. We were so much alike.

After being together for about a year i decided it was more then enough time, and that we were ready. We were both a virgin. One day a friend tells us that her parents wont be home and that we could come over and use her house for some privacy. So we did but not only us a few other friends as well. So me and Pikachu went into the parents room and started kissing. All of our friends would not leave us alone and they kept interupting just to bother us cause they knew what we were going to do.

So we finally got our time alone. We started kissing and he started to get excited. He put on his condom and i just layed back and watch him. I was so nervous. All that was going through my head was what the hell is my mom going to say or if she would notice, and that my brothers would kill him and me. So while he was inserting it into me i was crying out of pain. i did not bleed, so he did not believe that i was a virigin.

We were now a year and a half together and were now in our freshmen year in highschool. We were now growing apart our own ways. He realised it, so he decided to propose to me at age 6. So i excepted it. After a few month, we knew we were growing our separate ways. Until one day i decided to surprise him and pick him up from school. Come to find out he was messing with another pika in his school behind my back. So we broke up.He now became a player. We stood friends for a little while, but now we don't even talk or even see each other. I just wish we could of kept each other like bestfriends.

I don't regret anything because it lead me to the love of my life now. I am with a loving and caring person who I know is not cheating on me. We been together now for 2 years. His name is Ash Ketchum and he is a very respectful person. I am now in college and i am planning on having a baby soon when i get my associates degree.

Holy shit, I'm a fucking screw-up.