Looking at my writing, I've noticed one thing. My writing lacks...Life. Right now it seems so bland and unfeeling. Just an unfolding of events. I have plot I have characters but I just can't tell it right. The only thing I feel something in is dialogue. I just can't seem to get the events to flow right. My descriptions seem robotic. Just stating what's going on and adding nothing. I love my plot and characters. I really do. I think they deserve more heartfelt descriptions.

Perhaps, it's because my life is devoid of, well, life. I thought I could write fine being the lifeless loser I am. But dammit I need something to draw from I guess even if it is pure fiction. Dammit, I guess I really am trapped now. I have nothing I can do about my life situation.

I should stop complaining about my life. Anyway, I need to get my story out. I need to! It's the only thing I have! Blah I'm rambling again. Fuck if it matters here.