This is my first REAL post since the good ole 21..a-roo-ni... I felt like I needed to follow-up with something. Anyway, tons of things have changed since alcoholic legality. Let's make a list:
1) Instead of getting in trouble for being a minor in possession, I now can only get in trouble for public intoxication. It makes me feel like a celebrity!
2) I can add the numbers that constitute my age and get 3, which is a charm.
So when I said "tons" of things have changed, I meant "a couple" of things have changed.

Unfortunately, there are certain things that haven't changed YET! This list might be a little longer:
1) While I may be older, I haven't quite yet grown up. I still laugh when I hear the words "duty" and "nuts" during inappropriate situations.
2) Roofie's are still illegal. I may never be able to legally dupe a woman into having to marry me due to her pregnancy.
3) I can still be tried in court as an adult. I'm still crossing my fingers for something to happen in order for that to change.
4) John Mayer still has a career. I know it doesn't have anything to do with me, but seriously?!? Who encourages this guy?
5) I still whine... a lot. Case in point, look at this list.

How about that semester? Biochem was fun. In fact, it was so great that I decided to retake it another semester. My professor decided to make the class more difficult than it ever has been, because he wanted to leave this university with a trail of tears behind him. Part of me wants to go into a fit of RAGE; the other parts agree.

My luck with the ladies is getting better. I get rejected so much less often when I cut back on asking them out. Everyone on this campus is taken, so mentally undamaged that they're unavailable, has bad taste and doesn't want me, doesn't look decent enough, or a combination of two or more of these scenarios. There's just no luck for a real man at UTD.

Well, aside from all of this negativity, there has been some good. Anyway, that's enough for now.