Just coping over a post from another thread since I think I will add to it later and I never remember things unless I record them somewhere.

Dear Naruto,
I did not want to like you. You are loud and rash, everything I don't want in someone. Yet, in you, somehow it works. Now, don't get me wrong, I still find you to be quite annoying, but, I do think you are a heck lot smarter than a great deal of people think. You have so much potential, if only you weren't such a stubborn fool. But, I suppose I shouldn't berate you for your persistence, because that is something which appeals to me as well.

Dear Kimimaro,
Be less dead. You and Tayuya should have ran off and had lovely foul-mouthed children. But instead, you decided to stick with your adoration of Orochimaru until the end. It was justified, considering no one else ever showed you anything worth fighting for, I wish there was some other way. I wish you had met someone else. But, you did not, you were found by a genius who would stop at nothing to learn everything, and so, here you are, immortalized in the forest created by your final attack. I suppose you are pleased that you managed to get Sasuke to Orochimaru.
Yet what delicious amusement it is, that you allowing the Uchiha get to Orochimaru lead to his eventual demise.

Dear Orochimaru,
I greatly admire your goal. But, I was wondering, do you really believe that the world has a meaning which you can discover? Or, was that line merely something said in order to get certain people to follow you and to justify what you are doing? If you believe such a meaning exists, why is it important to you, to learn such a thing? Is it not alright to live with just your goal? I have always wondered which came first, your desire to seek immortality or your goal to become the world's greatest being and learn all the jutsu that are in existence. Most importantly of all, did you know that thing you do with your tongue is dead sexy and probably got you more than a couple of your followers?
And you know what? Tsunade and Jiraiya really do care about you. I believe that some part of you still considered them as important people, as friends you had to abandon to fulfill your desires for power. If they had supported you in your experiments and search for power, you would have accepted them.

P.S. Can I have your autograph and DNA?

Dear Jiraiya,
You are someone I admire; being someone who still maintains ties with the village you left so long ago. Being willing to follow someone you believed to be your friend. And, still staying so strong despite whatever has occurred in your life. That you remain cheerful is undoubtedly pleasing, but, don't feel like you have to stay that way forever. It would be okay to let people who are close to you, like Tsunade, see when something bothers you. When you are worried, talking about it is fine. I would like to add that you are indeed handsome and can get any lusty woman you want. Are you ever going to settle down? Perhaps with someone like Tsunade? I think she does carry some affection for you. If only you didn't put up that boisterously happy front all the time.
P.S. Don't you dare go and die on me, leaving Tsunade alone as the only member of Team Sarutobi is not an option. She needs a pervy hermit like you around to go and get roaringly drunk with.

Dear Kabuto,
You are a brilliant dork, and I like you exactly for that.
I wish you luck with figuring out what it is you want from like. Taking up Orochimaru's goal of becoming an immortal being, while noble, is not you. I understand your incorporation of Orochimaru's DNA with your own as perhaps a way to have the one you admired watch over what you are doing. However, I do not believe that it is something which will aid in you finding out who you are. You know you are only hiding behind it because you were left adrift. It was the one link you had to the world you knew. I hope you realize this before you meet any unpleasant demise which may be awaiting you as you pursue this course of action I do not think you truly believe in. And while I'm sending this message, I hope you get a new outfit. Seriously, your fashion sense is almost as bad as Orochimaru's.

Dear Sasuke,
I do not like you one bit. You are a smart and creative one, I give you that. It cannot be denied that your gigantic ego is necessary in order for you to believe you have any chance of taking down your brother. But you, who are suppose to be a hero, you who see yourself as the lofty avenger, why can't you understand that tossing your friends aside and nearly killing them is not the way to do it? Still, by the end, you will see how people become powerful through protecting others.
Going off on this venture with a team which would stab you in the back at any time, do you really think you have a chance of getting out of this alive? You are arrogant, but those people, those friends who loved you so. How could you do that, how could you do something that could get you killed? You know what loosing people you cared for was like. How could you go and do the same thing.

P. S. And what is up with your post-skip outfit? Did you hear about Sai and figured you should show off even more of your midsection to Team 7?

Dear Sakura,
You were a very pleasant surprise. I did not like you initially. You were smart enough to know you were weak. You made the very good decision to go and learn from Tsunade. And, most importantly, your view of Naruto began to change. Despite what the villagers thought, the way they treated Naruto and the foolish way he himself acts, you saw that he is a good person.
And you played a big role in taking out Sasori. Why are you fading into the background now? Be more of a presence! You were essential in kicking an Akatsuki member's arse. Do or say something now in the series, damn it!

Dear Sai,
Penis. It has to be said. But really, I find your search for bonds endearing. Trying to understand something you lost so long ago. I enjoy that such a dysfunctional team has perked your interest. I look forward to seeing your abilities in action. And where in the world have you been in the last couple chapters anyway? You better show up and do something spectacular soon. Bonus points for if you insult the anatomy of any of these characters: Suigetsu, Karin, Sasuke, Itachi, and Kisame.