Sakura is 19 in this. This is a SasuSaku fic. If you're not into that then don't read it but, really, flaming is unneccesary. Named for and written around the old 60's song by The Shangrilas
Is she really going out with him?
Well, there she is. Let's ask her.
Betty, is that Jimmy's ring you're wearing?
Gee, it must be great riding with him
Is he picking you up after school today?
By the way, where'd you meet him?

Ino and Hinata were walking through the streets of Konoha, smiling and chatting. The two had, slowly, grown to be good friends over time. After all, Hinata wasn't a threat for Sasuke's affection and Ino was actually wise and kind.

Time had done little to Konoha the way it had to the girls though.

Hinata had finished her growing with wonderful results. She had lost what little fat she may have had and so now her body was trim with a bit of muscle. Over all she looked wonderfully eyepleasing. Hinata had come out of her shell a bit, becoming more willing to talk to some people once she felt comfortable with them. She could even talk to Naruto for 2 whole minutes without fainting now!

Ino had gotten taller, and her clothes showcased the impressive chest and slim hips that she was now so proud of. She kept her hair long and pinned back like in the old days, but now her body was what made people stop and stare. Ino had grown through a lot of her bad habits. She was still a tad bossy but she listened more than she had before, and she was fair with almost everyone.

The two were walking down the street when they stopped as a glimpse of pink wooshed by. They paused, their eyes trained on it, before it stopped in front of the Ramen Shop. It was Sakura!

"I haven't seen that girl in years!" Ino said, starting to walk over to her old friend. Hinata caught Ino's wrist and pointed at the girl. "What?" Then Ino looked closer at her old rival.

Sakura was taller, but her build was still the same as when she was 15. The front of her shirt was a bit more filled out but that was all there was in way of change. Her hair was still short and cropped into jagged edges here and there.

Ino turned to Hinata in question but Sakura turned to look up the street and Ino saw what the Hyuuga must have been pointing out. On the back of Sakura's shirt, dead center, was a sewed on symbol. Half red, half white, it could either be described as a fan or a paddle. It was a symbol that anyone in Konoha would have known on sight.

"The Uchiha Emblem! So it's true then that she landed Sasuke" Ino said with a forlorn sigh. All those wasted years...

"Why don't we go ask?" Hinata suggested, patting her friend on the shoulder in sympathy. Ino nodded a bit and ran over to Sakura, grabbing her by the shoulder and smiling.

"Hey there!" Sakura's eyes widened as she rounded and looked up at the girl she hadn't seen in what felt like ages.

The group slipped into the Ramen Shop and ordered something. Ino was begging to ask Sakura everything she could but there was something about the girl she didn't recognize.

"So, were you waiting for Sasuke?" Hinata asked. Sakura smiled a bit, almost as though lost in a memory, then shook her head.

"Well you're wearing his clan's emblem! Aren't you guys dating? When did it happen??" Ino pried.

Sakura looked down at the counter then embarked in the tale.