These vipassana exercises have helped me out quite a bit. Having a couple of hours every day to just chill, be mellow and not think about shit has been so beneficial to my mental health. Zach is over here hanging out with me today. We've got two Xbox 360's. I'm going to play Oblivion until all my stats are above 75 at least. (Yeah right.)

I found an old pack of Djarum blacks in my desk and words fail to describe the cancerous yum on my lips right now. They're so tasty. This Opeth discography hasn't left my playlist all afternoon. Forest of October is an amazing song.

Uh, Gina? Sorry I wasn't available to talk earlier today. I hope you're doing alright. But don't worry about me.

I don't have MSN on my computer so I've been using this web page messenger called Meebo. I'll leave it running all day.