It's 4:45 A.M. I've been up all night. I can't go to sleep. I'm listening to some Hip Hop in Japanese. I can't understand it but a few words here and there. That doesn't really matter though. Listening to the rhythm and cadence in their words along with the accompaniment of the instruments is good enough.

Plus, one thing to understand about rap, emceeing is where the melody of the music can be found. And the way the emcee intertwines his vocals with the break and accompanying instruments is the harmony. There's no difference in listening to a beautiful flow in another language than listening to great guitar work. Vibrations.


Sometimes I lay in my bed not sleeping. Just looking up at the ceiling or having my eyes closed and allowing whatever images pop up into my head appear just to observe the details. For kicks I guess. And sometimes random thoughts kick in and a frequent thought that comes into my head is myself talking to myself telling myself that I have to wave goodbye to myself. At least, a myself that was once was. Or still is. Or is on it's way going considering I'm saying goodbye to that person. Basically, I'm telling myself to grow up. It's time to let go. And sometimes I do. And sometimes I don't. Mostly I don't. Or maybe mostly I do.

Or maybe I'm always changing and so I'm always growing up and and I'm always looking back telling myself to grow up or be something different.


Can't be stagnant. That's death. Even a rock rock vibrates at a low frequency. But the stillness in a dead body. It's unmistakable. It becomes hard. Then brittle, easily broken unlike a bending bamboo and withers away into dust.

Listening to Clear Day clears my mind. It's got the perfect vocal to sample. Just the right tone of voice chopped, cut, pasted and looped to evoke a feeling. It's funny how a clear mind is still, unmoving.