Ah September is comming to an end, Im moving into a new house and more great cds have come out in the last two months then in the last year here is a list.

The black lips -Good bad not evil (this is pimped by me DL IT)

The Two Gallants - The Two Gallants


The new pornographers- Challengers

Jens Lekman- When i said i wanted to be your dog.

Okkervil River- Stage Names

The Go! Team - Proof of youth

Beruit - The Flying Club Cup (not out yet but it leaked ty brett :pek)

Minipop- A new hope (not out till november but those fine indie popers sent me a burn :LOS)

well yes it has been good. Im going to start my sleave today it will be awsome yes yes it will. My new house doesnt have gass or water yet soo.. that will be interesting... ive been working 60 hours a week and still in school online and in san marcos so i think im sleep deprived but thats ok i like it. Ive still managed to go see Cake Spoon and Wolf Parade and next week has Metric coming to pomona and the 11th i plan to see Beruit at the Avalon (if anyone is in the LA area and plans to go see them im prolly gona go alone and internet friends are still friends :LOS) yea well this blog has no point.