Well, got back from Kumoricon 2007 today. first year as staff. got to say it was quite hard.

Had one of those nervous break downs I get when Im really tired.

After we closed the con down, and during the closing ceremony (which i never attend), we had the game room open to staff only. It was cool, and got better when Hawk and Ananth from AppleGeeks
showed up at the door, looking for something to do. Unfortunately, the computers we had up earlier had been returned to BackSpace already, but they stayed around anyway.
I ended up beating Ananth at a few rounds of Guilty Gear: Accent Core, which is amazing when you realize that I'm mediocre at best.
Needless to say, It was lots of fun, and i got a free signed poster of this, as well as both of their signatures on my staff badge. I'll be back next year.