Kula Shaker ~ Retiring this artwork from my avi/sig.

Excerpt from the English band's website...
Once upon a time, long, long ago, there existed a land called Britpop.
This was an innocent place, before terrorist outrages, war in Iraq and Big Brother where rock?n?roll was about living for the moment, and everyone got Loaded.
One group, however, stood out amidst this boozy bacchanal. Emerging in spring 1996, Kula Shaker were strict vegetarians, discussed Arthurian legend in interviews and, when the fancy took them, wrote top five singles in Sanskrit.
After two albums of impeccable progressive pop ?boasting themes ranging from global meltdown to Orwellian paranoia - they vanished as quickly as they arrived, on 11th August 1999....

If this intrigues you at all... you can check the band out here