There seems to be a slight mix up.

I AM Kisimoto in the sense that I type for him, what is typed is generally what he tells me to put on here.
I am a cousin to one of his close friends, and my cousin got me in contact for him to do this when he found out I was such a big fan of Naruto.

The only thing that is NOT kishimoto is the actual typing of these blogs, he cannot speak or write english well in the slightest which is why he agreed to have me do it for him.

With that said I will give an example of how things generally go, then I will go back to speaking directly from the mouth of Kishimoto

Me: Someone is asking if you are a homosexual because of all the references in the manga.
Kishimoto: ( chuckles ) You wouldn't understand how often I get this..... (comment cont.. Blog 1)

Me: It seems everyone's not quite understanding this whole 6 elements with Pein, they aren't sure whether it is really 6 or a mistranslation.
Kishimoto: I'm glad they are a little confused about this, even though there are already signs throughout the manga that could help them find out more about this.. I'm not going to give anything away... read me some of the main threads on the topic.

I then track down some of the posts about the six elements and read them to him.

He finds some of them hilarious, especially certain comments in one thread. He says that some people are very close and really pay attenton whilst others are still concentrating too much on what's going on in the current chapters.

I will NOT be able to give away spoilers of what is going to happen, I will only put what Kishimoto wants to be known, so please do not ask what is going to happen.
If he slips up and tells me something he has said that will be is fault, he will still do these blogs if I post a spoiler he let slip.

That being said, as you can see from how the interviews go, Kishimoto does read these forums in a sense. I HAVE been reading the forums to him for a while and he really has changed things because of the forums.
If someone notices something small such as a sword not beng held up I can contact him and he will edit it the next time to make it work.

You will no longer hear from me, speaking from myself, the voice from Kishimoto will now take over once again.

(PS: Saturdays blog never came as I couldn't get through to Kishimoto, he will do the next blog on thursday he has promised me. )