Ima be back later.

School keepin me busy so ill probaly wont be on in the next few months.

All you new gb members listen to gabha(sasori will turn you into a puppet and neji will lead you into the blender to be raped :cry)

Mods unban me or else :mad

taichou all your other names are still fail taichou is your name forever

relik idk what to say about your new name

that dude who own the kisame fc you doing a horrible horrible horrible job

Ulquiorra > Zpollo lastier so stop failing.

Rild is still garbage go read some one piece

Slips change your name back to Slips or Hisoka you can only be ONE!!!

TWF lol you gotta chill on the reminscing im still here.

Vanh stop lurking

IA get a nice manly name with a Manly avatar sig set...

Hajime no ippo still >>>>>>>>all