Today, whilst strolling through a more densly wooded area of a park, I came across a pile of refuse someone had dumped there. I think Bill Waterson summed it up best, but I'll respect his wishes of not posting his material anywhere. A familiar theme, known to all Waterson fans, they should know of a good comic to look at for this type of ordeal. There really is little to say. A quick sigh of shame, and and a quick trip to the garbage can are all that is needed in this situation. Too many people waste incomprehensible time thinking, pondering and debating while times slips away, when all it takes is a little effort, and determination to pick up the problem, and throw it away.

I'm also remined of a commercial that was than effective and clever in this sense. I can't find the video, unfortunately, but it consists of several people standing around a piece of garbage on a sidewalk, arguing and debating about what to do, and who should do it. Then walks past a younger looking man, who simply picks it upand throws it away. Not only is it funny, it packs a message many tend to ignore. PICK UP YOUR FUCKING GARBAGE. No one wants to see it, no one cares to pick up after your mess. Originally, I thought the 2,000 dollar fine for littering was ludicrous, but now I couldn't care less if some asshole has to pay for being a moron. Many people need to be taught a lesson, unfortunately, money talks. A bit too much for my tastes, but it's the case.

This planet, (in this case, this country) is full of people who have no respect for this earth, and what it give to us. I'm not a zealous conservationist, I have other things to worry about right now, but it doesn't take one to pick up trash you see lying around, and it doesn't take one to throw away your own garbage. If this country, and whichever you live in, doesn't do it's part to keep it's envoirnment clean, and reputable, there will be none. The title "Kingdom of Loss" we be more than befitting.

I'm alway reminded of this song when I see that kind of sanctimonious stupidity:

Nihil Morari - Pain of Savlation

"See me - Hear me - Need me"
Some things will never change.
"Touch me - Heal me"
Mankind remains the same.

Oceans, forests, nations; now everything bears our name.
While Earth is bleeding. Nothing will remain.
Nothing prevails...

We were stuck in this world of change,expecting it to remain - now nothing is left unstained!

When there?s nothing more that we can trade, own, steal, or sell...
When there?s nothing whole because we took it apart, and just left, moved on... When there?s nothing left for us to break, use, abuse, or rape...
Then you?re free to count how much you saved!

I can see the ways we fail, I can see us fall so easily - a structure far too frail: I can see 40,000 years of knowledge and history invested in this child - spoiled and stained by proud divinity, gaining at best the perspective and wisdom of not even a fleeting century.

We have now reached the final
ten thousandth of a second of
our evolutionary year, as we
hit 2,000 at a birth rate of
250 people a minute!

Tell me: how are we supposed to survive if we?re acting like fools all dropping dead to stay alive?
Someone tell me, please just show me - if there?s nothing to do, God we?ll turn to you, But if we?re an image of you i reckon you are just as puzzled and ugly too.

You think we have developed fast;
that we?re civilized and intelligent?
I?ll ket you in on a secret: we have
developed Things! The rest is simply
knowledge passed on.

(I can see us drain this world, I can see us buying loss to cheap. Terra Sterilia washing its broken hand of us now: creation?s blackest sheep!)

Hell, 99% of humanity couldn?t
put together a simple light bulb if
you put a gun to their heads! And
the intellect rubs off on fear...

The year
2,010AD: 6,823 Million people
2,020AD: 7,518 Million people
2,030AD: 8,140 Million people
2,040AD: 8,668 Million people
2,050AD: 9,104 Million people

I can see us read the sign, but spell them out in backward travesty. I see us close our eyes to all the wounds that we inflict to this world by being "free" - we love this world to death, purchasing our lifestyles with our lives. Defending our momentarily nations with the loss of our priceless earthly home!

It?s not hard to reach the top! It?s not hard not knowing when to stop! It?s not hard to take all! Not very difficult to fly if you settle for fall!
It's not hard to cross a line!
It?s not hard to push and go to far!
Some creatures cannot climb, then there are us who cannot even learn how to stay alive...

I?m sorry! For all the things we did and did not do - forgive us; the fools that rushed ahead without a clue.
I am sorry! Please forgive us for this human lack of humanity, this evolutionary travesty - this tragedy cakked "Man"
...called "Man"...

I?m sorry!
For the things we did and didn?t do
Forgive us; the fools that rushed ahead without a single clue
...without a single clue...