I was at Pullman's square leaving Starbucks today when I asked this dude in front of me if I could bum a cigarette. But I couldn't really see their face. They handed me one so I said, "Thanks bro." But evidently it was a woman. A woman who was very offended that I called her bro.

She talked a little shit and told me to walk away because she was in a bad mood or what the fuck ever so of course I did what I do in any situation where I've been spoken down to. My automatic response was, "FUCK YOU!" So her friend got up in my face and started talking shit. I was like, listen, Paul Wall. You don't want to run your wigger mouth because I'll shut it permanently. So after he didn't proceed to throw a punch I turned to walk away and that's when he held the knife he had pocketed to my throat. I was scared. The only thing I could think to say was, "Pussies use switchblades they buy at the flea market, huh?" And that's when his friend punched me in the face a couple of times. I kicked him square in the dick to get away and then ran for my life. Afterwards I gathered my crew together. Mike, Justin, Cody, and of course Jordan. We went back over there with weapons later but unfortunately they were gone.

My nose is broken and I'm all shaken up because I'm so angry. A fucking knife, man.