Kiba and his Abilities

There are a number of things that I wouldn't be surprised to find Kiba knowing. Like...for instance, when all of his friends lose their virginities and who they lost them to.

He will know when anyone he is close with is ill, smelling the disease in their bodies.

He can likely discern hormone spikes and the change in chemical scent depending on mood(like dogs can). And so, if Hinata cries herself to sleep one night; Kiba will know about it, although he won't necessarily know what to do with the information.

It's a gift and a curse: Kiba's talent (look at his fight with Naruto). And, I think if one fully looks at the implications of his abilities, then they will start to understand why he might feel secure in every situation. Where they might start to excuse his obnoxious behavior and the fact that he nearly always says what he's thinking.

Bottling up all of that information he can't let out to the world, Kiba must not have much room in his mind left. So, he has to find space by shouting out his most innocuous of thoughts. But, there is always more input, and the space continues to grow smaller (of course, I mean this metaphorically...just so you know).

Sure, Kiba can stop focusing chakra into his nose and thus dull his senses a little. But, I wouldn't be surprised if part of his ability was natural, nor would I be surprised if he had a great difficulty turning it off after he's been using it so casually for so long. Or, if he would even want to in the first place.

He may not be suffering, but Kiba's bearing a weight that most can't see. Bearing it without misstep or complaint.


Kiba and his Hideous PreTS Jacket

Lastly, Kiba's character design is incredibly sexy. From the tousled hair to the knowing look to the fangs to the red tattoos, he's just designed very much with sex, in mind, in my opinion. Everything about him looks like a little reminder of the act and his open attitude keeps it from being vulgar.

Of course, this is only when one ignores the Hideous PreTS Jacket. Oh, sure the lining was kind of cute, but I am pretty certain that everyone would have enjoyed it more if he hadn't kept his hood up ALL OF THE TIME (excluding some fillers, the third chuunin exam and part of the Rescue Sasuke Arc).

That's why Kishimoto's new outfit, that tight little leather jacket was most pleasing to the eye. And definitely an improvement.


Even Hanabi approves.


It's really no wonder that Kiba is paired with anyone and anything under the sun. He's practically getting a greater variety of play in fandom than Sakura, and that's saying something!

But, anyways, I am going to wrap it up now, because...well, if you read through it all, I'm really sorry that it was so long and discombobulated. But, it probably is directly connected to the fact that I just found the Kiba love so recently. I just got to let it out >.<


Again, fanfiction was insanely difficult to find. If anyone has any suggestions, then I would love to hear them! :D

Spoiler: Kiba Fanfiction

Kiba's Intervention:Funny oneshot that ends the reign of one of Konoha's greatest fashion victims. I loved this one, if only because it was after my own desire to destroy the HPTSJ (Hideous PreTS Jacket). It's good and well-written. Very short.

Patience:Kiba is not patient but sometimes, you don't have a choice. Kind of a coming of age oneshot. Pretty good. Slight, very slight, you'd have to squint KibaHina. Nice show of Kiba's better qualities.

Kiba, or the lack of a good title:Focuses on Kiba dealing with his ability to smell everything and everyone. I LOVED this one. It felt like the author went into my mind and plucked out my thoughts. It was creepy but satisfying. Definitely recommended.

Bold:Naruto and Kiba aren't so different. Oneshot.Not the best writing in the world, but it's got a nice point. KibaHina. Meh, I liked it.

There is one or two more that I could add, but they would just be to fill up space. These are really the only ones I found worthwhile to read. Sadly.

Spoiler: Kiba Fanart
If anyone wants to see more better than decent Kiba pics. Here's the album where I put all the good ones I could find.