Keep of Mirrors

Just a poem I wrote, while sitting in the thoughts of my mind. Enjoy.Comment.

Keep of Mirrors

Oceanic is my skin, blue dragons emerging as I stare through the dazed twilight.

Mirrors oh mirrors surrouning my keep, engulfing me as the sky weeps.

The stirring winds and the gaping thunder roll about my mind.

Twirling, swirling and whirling up and down into consciousness searching for a key I must find.

So tell me, lady at the gates staring into my eyes.

Why you decieve me, so coy and so simple, why can I not deny.

Keeping me forever in my keep of mirrors, surrounded and confined.

Just leave me alone, leave me be.

But please before you go lady, let me out of this place.

This keep of mirrors, keeping me from me.