Fan-related Materials for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any good Kankuro fanfiction that isn't devoted to a crack pairing or just complete parody, PLEASE point me in the direction of it.
He was a bitch to find good stories for.

Fanart, on the other hand, is INCREDIBLY easy to find.

Spoiler: Kankuro Fanfiction

I Just Wanna Live: 32/100 completed, Kankuro oneshots:
Ends, Insides, Outsides, Hours, Years, Orange, Green, Purple, White, Colorless, Lovers, Family, Teammates, Parents, Children, Death, Sunset, Smell, Sound, Touch, Sight, Moon, Water, Earth, Breakfast, Dinner, Winter, Spring, Rain, Snow, If, and Work are the themes completed so far. I loved every single one of these drabbles. DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ.

Especially the highlighted ones.

B Rank Hugs:Facing a B rank solo mission, Kankuro undergoes some very slightly angsty bonding with Gaara. NOT KankyXGaara. [Origanally oneshot, but now it's got a sequel, How To Cry.]Really enjoy this one. Takes place after Gaara is the Kazekage. Sequel is a bit too much for me, but this piece is just right to explain how the brothers feel now that they are all grown up

Painted:A Kankuro centric oneshot. Introspective. Somewhat angsty. Drabble. T because I feel like it.Like this. Its simple and poetic and possibly true. Although it seems more like a nice writing idea than a part of the boy's personality. Still I really enjoyed it.

Dolls: A drabble by Vesvius B about the one in the middle, the forgotten sand sibling. Kankurou, and what he always knew his puppets truly were.A darling oneshot showing the boy's affection for his siblings and his grief at their pain

Learn to Live Again: Ever wondered about the things that happen after death? Kankuro and Naruto discover the answers you've been looking for and begin a search for even more. I cannot stress enough the fact that there are NO PAIRINGS. This one is a little strange, as its kind of an AU that takes place in the future. However canon Kankuro's story is till a part of it. It's hard to explain. Just know that it is VERY well-written and definitely worth a look. Great capture of his character

Marionette:Kankuro as a puppet. Kankuro and family. [Because he's not pulling the strings here.][Sandsibs, no pairings, drabble, prechuunin exam]Very good short look at Kankuro and the idea of control and the little he actually has in his life

My Brothers and Me:Kankuro is six and Shukaku and Gaara launch their first attack on him. Written from Kankuro's, Gaara's, and Temari's POVs [mostly the first two]. Oneshot. Poetic, slightly fragmented story that does a good job of explaining the beginnings of the Gaara and Kankuro dynamic

If you like Kankuro at all, then I would suggest either checking out this link to the album where I put the rest of the pictures that I would have liked to post here or these sites.