me and my sensei have build our own form about juuken,it realy works to. i have leard where most of the Dim-Mak Point, NERVE CENTERS & PRESSURE POINTS are. we use martial arts from Karate shotokan, ninjutsu, akido, kung fu:Baguazhang.

now i'm studying hard to find ways to do the martial and i have got 20 doc.'s. about martial arts, the doc.'s describe:
1. what will happen if they get hit on difference places. eks. solarplexus and Brachial plexus origin.
2. and what damage it does.

full eks.

Solar plexus. The solar plexus is a center for nerves that control the cardiorespiratory system. A blow to this location is painful and can take the breath from the opponent. A powerful blow causes unconsciousness by shock to the nerve center. A penetrating blow can also damage internal organs.


[FONT=&quot]This area includes the carotid artery and the jugular vein, and is an excellent practical self-defense target. It is sensitive to pain but it is not a high-risk-of-injury target unless a very forceful blow is struck or unless the person struck is particularly vulnerable-frail or ill. t Equal adversary: A moderately forceful blow causes pain. A vigorous blow could cause temporary stunning. A very heavy blow could result in unconsciousness. + Against a smaller person: A moderate blow could cause stunning. A heavy blow could result in unconsciousness and a very forceful blow involves the possibility of fatal injury. t Against a larger assailant: A moderate blow causes pain. A forceful blow causes considerable pain and disorientation. It is not likely that a small person striking against a larger assailant could deliver sufficient force to result in injury. The open-hand slash is the most efficient blow against the side of the neck. PRESSURE against the side of the neck (a hold or bar at the carotid artery/jugular vein area) is considerably less likely to injure than a hold or bar applied against the trachea. Even when the pressure against the side of the neck is sufficient to render someone unconscious, it is not probable that it would result in irreparable or fatal injury. This is not a practical self-defense technique for the lay citizen, but it is an excellent control tactic for professionals who have been properly trained in its appropriate use.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]A slash into the side of the neck, delivered with the palm up.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]I A control hold applied against the side of the neck -- at the carotid artery.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]There is a high risk of injur -including fatal injuryif pressure is applied agains the front of the throat at the thyroid cartilage and windpipe.[/FONT]

I allso train in practice.

It is fun^^

Thanks to Kalec-Senseismile-big