Life, what does it mean, if you walk up to a random person and ask them this the answer you?re most likely to get would be ?to live? and then he/she would stand there with a smug look on their face. If you ask that same person what it means to live you?ll most likely be met with silence. What is living is it what society tells us it is, to spend decades in school only to find a dead end job and get hitched to the first unlucky wench who?ll have you? That?s one interpretation, but why should our lives be limited to what is socially acceptable. I can?t possibly think of anyone who would be satisfied with toiling day after day under the impression that this is the extent of life. We were given life and with it came a choice; we are free to follow our hearts and find exactly what it is fulfills us as people and no school or government should be allowed to deny us that freedom.

From a young age we are force fed the meaning of life by our parents and schools, we?re told what jobs to aim for and what people to look up to. Then we enter ?life training? or school, call it what you will, like a sea of drones we are programmed with information we?ll never use only to ?graduate? and go through the same process over again. Of course there are those who don?t conform to this cycle and are labeled as degenerates and eliminated from the get go, surely these people who don?t excel in a preprogrammed curriculum have no future whatsoever, men like Albert Einstein are proof. Who knows what number of great minds are left undiscovered because they didn?t conform to society?s standard. Who decided that this is how lives should be lived, where along the course of time were people suddenly denied a choice of how they want to spend their lives? Are we as people okay with this definition of life, the universe holds so many secrets even our own minds have a huge amount of untapped potential; despite all this are we truly satisfied with just falling in line and occasionally gawking at something out of the ordinary? This cannot be true, this should not be true, and there must be someone out there who feels that something is wrong.

I saw a story on the news about a young man who dropped everything, his family, friends, and money; he left it all behind to set out on a trek in the wilderness. He decided that something was missing in his life, he was bored with the days spent doing the same thing over and over only end up in the same place. Sure there were those who viewed it as insane, of course it was insane he was deviating from societies standards and following his heart! What became of this man, his body was found several months later in an abandoned bus weighing less than 100 pounds. Some might shake their heads in sorrow and say it was a sad death, I don?t I believe this man truly enjoyed the time he spent fending for himself in the wild. I admire this man, he wanted to discover something about himself and he put his life on the line to find it, he died happy.

I feel that everyone should take a page out of this mans book and turn away from the hustle and bustle of society, it?ll be there when you turn back. Take a walk through a field, gaze up at the stars, become your desired career for a little while. It doesn?t have to be extreme, just enough for you to realize that your life is in your hands and you choose how to live it. Life is a beautiful thing, the ultimate gift; let?s enjoy it a little the world will benefit from it.