Standing on top of a playne. Any playne eyes closed. A boeing playne. A clarity of brain type of playne where every concept is simple and playne. I'm light. It's not a happy thought but naught thought, seeking to forget what was taught, letting go of what it sought and caught that makes me playne. Ergo I aero playne. I open my eyes and ingrain the playne but refrain from reverting to retained words trained to be associated. It all seems inane mundane when the playne is playne. A dumb numb feeling of the thud of rain hitting my playne. Switching places with a pane, no pain. The forebrain seeks to ordain the terrain with profane but what do you really obtain? I maintain release the strain and slit a vein. Don't think of it as a sane. Let yourself drain to gain a whole view of the playne.

Home is Jane.