Dear various people, Cafe-goers, Members of Naruto Fan, and assorted wonks. Every so often you might after a particularly vigorous argument around the Cafe or elsewhere and
get a PM titled something like "You have received an infraction at Narutofan forums.

Although you might find such things offensive, insulting, and/or imposing, I urge you
not to shit bricks.

The Infraction System is a feature of Vbulletin, the software package on which the forums
operate. In a fully implemented infraction system, it allows moderators to automate tasks such as restricting posting ability, or banning users for a set amount of time.

Narutoforums as a whole has decided to not use the Infraction system. Our tech guy refuses to have anything to do with it, from what I've gathered, because it's a bitch to operate. We're all slackers at heart.

So what does this mean if you get an infraction? Well, it's pretty much nothing but
the Vbulletin equivalent of imposing letterhead. I like to use it when addressing specific offenses because it carries a more impersonal, tyrannical tone to things.

If you get an infraction, it's usually me or someone else just trying to get your attention about something.

For real moderator decision-making NF staff make use of another Vbulletin feature called User Notes. You can't see them, and we're
not going to show them to you, so please don't ask to see them. The answer is no.

Anyhow, these notes serve as a record of user behavior over time. When making decisions about bans and other enforcement actions, these notes are what we consult. Users with lots of bad history recorded in their notes may be treated differently than users with nicer things in their notes.

Anyhow everything about you that matters to mods is generally written in the notes, and infractions are ignored.

So what does this mean for you as users? Well, don't stress over the fact that you got infractions. They're never going to mean anything.

Just don't be a dick, and don't post adult content outside of the Bath-House. That's really all the forum asks of you.