Okay, I've thought about this for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that my motivation to get into something is:

- the hope that I can share it with others in some way (usually as a topic of conversation)
- a way to fill my identity

It sounds weird, but I've thought about a lot. I'm not saying that this truth... I just feel like posting about it.

[As I type, I end up thinking of examples to prove it wrong. And more examples against them. No actual arguments, I suppose.]

I'm going to focus on Asian drama and music.

I started watching some Asian television dramas after hearing two people speak about it. I suppose I admire them for some of their qualities. I barely talk to them, though. There's something catchy... a gesture that they both do, which comes from a specific television drama. I looked up and...

Well, that's how it all started. I'm thinking about it now... most things start off that way. Through other people I mean. It doesn't matter how entertaining something can be. If it is associated with someone I might admire, and it looks like something I will like, then I will like it a lot, probably. Well, maybe.

However, I can make this a topic of conversion with only a few people. There is this girl who I don't know if I like or dislike her. I cannot talk to her about anything about it. [I should come back to this later.]

Then there's music. Mostly I've been listening to anime music until this summer, when, through Facebook, I found the last.fm of a friend of a friend. Now this friend of a friend was superior to me. I liked how she wrote and phrased things. Her sense of style was something too. It was something I haven't seen up close for someone my age.

She was an untouchable.

I found her last.fm. I listened to some of her songs. Some I didn't like, some I did, and then there was one song that hit me in YouTube's related videos. [I'm pretty sure she's listened to it less than ten times though...]

This sparked my desire to obtain new music for me to listen to. It's not that every single song I had before was complete crap. [Though I attach my own value to it. Memories are a big part of it actually.]

I was thinking that... hmm.

I don't know any more.