I've been thinking about it for a long time and come to this conclusion: we don't hate fictional characters -we hate their fandoms.

Or at least that's the biggest reason there's so much hate around.

Take Naruto as an example. Now he's the main character and obviously, whether we like it or not, a strong shinobi. But still there's so many people disliking him. And disliking or hating a fictional character sounds so lame. I mean, why would we even spend one second of our lives to flame something or someone that doesn't even exist?

Easy. Because we hate the idiots that cheer for these characters. Okay, okay, some characters are meant to be hated because they're so useless (like Tenten, or I don't know, Hinata) but still.

Now I don't flat out hate Naruto and it's dumb. As said, he's a fictional character. But I do dislike him a lot and sometimes it gets on my nerves that people even like him. But at the same time, I guess the same thing could be said about me since I like the Uchiha (even though you can't but hey, for the sake of the argument). Now back to what I was saying...

Me disliking Naruto has to do with several reasons, such as he's dumb and a one-tricky-pony but that doesn't mean there's sides of him I don't like. I like it when he goes Kyuubi and wtfpwns people. Simply put: I like it when he does something that makes him look like a total badass, and not a total dumbass.

But here's the problem... I dislike Naruto still, and what I hate more than Naruto is most Narutards (not all, but most). This does, more or less, make at least me hate Naruto even more. I begin to critize and analyze his style and go "Damn, this guy really sucks donkeyballs".

I was a hardcore Naruto/Yondaime/Jiraiya-fan when I registered.. but somewhere along my time here on NarutoForums, I simply... realized that Naruto sucked, Yondaime is overrated and Jiraiya is, even though he's strong, a goofball.

And when you really think about it, if you're writing a post bashing a fictional character, you're not bashing the character itself but rather looking for a reply from your allies and enemies (on the board).

Your allies will laugh, your enemies will post back. I don't think I would bash Naruto if it wasn't for his fandom asking for it.

And one last thing: we're all biased, more or less.

Pathetic? Maybe.
But true? Yes.