Im sitting here... and chapter 390 is out... and I see the shinobi that is Itachi.

Oh geez the dissapointment. There's a clear distinction between this fight and Deidara's fight, and I'll tell you what it is.

Deidara's popularity amongst the japanese people MIGHT have been something to do with the fact that Deidara went out like a total badass. OR the fact that Sasuke had to actually work to win against him.

But as I look back on the fight between Sasuke and Itachi when it first started, the so called "one of (if not the most) anticipated fight" in this manga, I cant do anything but ask myself whether I actually should cry or laugh.

Why does Kishimoto reduce Itachi's eyesight with 20% everytime he uses MS? As if he hasn't been spamming MS before, but now all of a sudden he's going completely bat blind?

Sasuke has done NOTHING.. and I mean NOTHING... but dominate since the fight first started. I mean, this fight shouldn't have been a walk in the park... this fight should, IMO, been something of hard achievement.

Which is why I actually believe Itachi will turn the tables in chapter 391. Everybody that thought Itachi was only MS, is wrong. Everybody that thought Sasuke has completely owned Itachi, is wrong.

"Are you nuts?" you might ask.
No, only open for possibilites. The odds for Sasuke to completely come in, dominate the fight since it first started and make Itachi look like an idiot... WITHOUT losing his cloak...

Hmm, something doesn't feel right.
It wouldn't be so farfetched to think that Kishimoto is tricking us into believing Sasuke will be the obvious winner with genjutsu controlled by Itachi.

This will then truly show that Itachi is the King Of Gen.

Thank you.