I just wanna know for myself whether my translations have been fair and accurate. To be 100% accurate is not possible due to limitations to my skills and also the fact that I am human and have preferences. However, what I aim to do is to make sure every text I translate is as close to the original as possible.

I know for some of the (fake) spoilers that I've encountered before were pro certain characters, hence the stuff that I churned out could be quite laughable reads. E.g. Pain bringing 3rd and 4th Hokages back to life and most recently, Jashin sama's hidden motives....

But that doesn't mean I added more juicy stuff to them to make them more scandalous than it already is, alright? What I did was to bring to you the pure, raw scandals, the same way as I read them. Over time, I kind of learn how to guess which are the fake spoilers too! Nevertheless, it is fun to share with everyone what I can read, be it fake or real spoilers. I'm sure other translators feel the same way.

Anyway, I hope to get a fair assessment of what I've been doing. If I did badly, by all means, neg reg me until the bar turns red. I probably deserve that! smile-big