<KN> o
<KN> I let that girl down and told her I didn't like her that way
<novd> what? through IM?
<KN> but I also took the nice guy approach (that's me) and she understood
<KN> IM?
<novd> instant messenger.
<KN> no it's phone :|
<novd> it's new and fun
<Code> http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=325855
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<novd> phone is the classically bad way to tell a girl you don't like her. IM is the new, hip bad way to tell a girl you don't like her.
<Code> "i b hatin u boo"
<Code> Though I suppose with IM, you can remove the emotional aspect to an extent.
<KN> it's assholish way I think
<Rell> lol at code even thinking he could say boo
<KN> lol
<Adam[movie]> emotions are for weaklings
<Adam[movie]> only the strong survive
<Adam[movie]> only those with no emotional empathy survive
<Code> the weak survive also.
<Adam[movie]> that is why getting into the character of joker made heath ledger love life so much oh wait
<Megaera> That's great novd.
<Megaera> And true.
<Megaera> Coward's way out of things.
<Megaera> At least on the phone you can hear her heart break through her voice.
<Undercovermc> But IM actually has a heart broken emoticon
<Code> ...
<novd> :( ?
<Rell> -_-
<Megaera> Lmfao

I'm Megaera this week. She's such a lovely lady.