I never realized how gangsta Tobi is in his new cloak until I doodled him for my avy. It's ridiculous.

PS: Sorry TPN, with college and all- I'm not going to be stable enough with my time to start drawing favors D:

Anyway, I realized how I'm in love with words. They don't necessarily have to placed in a sentence intelligently, but it helps. Like the word "delicious." Delicious can be used in almost any context, and it's amusing. Toast is also one of those kind of words that never fail to make me giggle. Anyway, I wonder if that's why I always had an infatuation with Kori's posts (if you have ever seen her around, you know what I mean >_> ).

PS. Crisis Core. I'm fangasming in binary, and I like it D:

Spoiler: Even gangstas need hugs


There's really no point to this post. But I have to make one every time I make a new avatar.

Note to self: Beck anime will not be opened in Animation Shop, must get gif alternatively

Note to self II: Why the fuck is George Winston's "lullaby" sheet music nowhere on the fucking internet.