I've always been fond of asking people what their favorite color is (fast fact: my parents have never asked me this question. Issues?). The responses are interesting; they tend to tell a lot more about a person than their astrological sign or whatever.

Sure, there are common responses. But, when you look at the spectrum of light while taking into account the whole fashion angle (which changes so often that there is rarely an actual color for a season [OK, cerulean and lime green were totally awesome last spring and neon tints and tones are working their way deeper and deeper into the scene], the general responses tend to remain the same. Primary colors with the occasional secondary and an outlier in the tertiary or specialty range.

But, everyone sees differently. Everyone sees colors differently.

Despite how this question has been asked before, I wonder how the way individuals perceive color and how individuals are attracted to color defines a person and their associated personality.

I never had a favorite color until I started dating, then my favorite was my boyfriends'. As I became dissatisfied or wanting more than just physical fulfillment, my color became more personal. When I started to work past so very many emotional issues dealing with family et. al, the palette changed again.

Who I am is not so much defined by me as my environment, and/or they are equal. A common thought. But, one that needs to relate to personal experience to become present in the mind. Truly present.

Man, this is so pretentious. Anyone who reads this will hopefully get what I mean without being too offended by its naive obviousness. There is so much shit to sift through, so many relationships and experiences. The truth can shift and change, depending on that start and environment.

With all my multitude of wants and needs (which err on the infinite regardless of how independent I might want to be and/or seem), I just want and need to have what I want and need to have without the external interference which influences my understanding of such needs and wants.

What would be your color, if you were borne from nothing into nothing? If you know it, you are lucky, gifted, etc. That is what I seek.