The Infinite Snake ( A Dream of Mine)

I was in a prehistoric forest, surrounded by thick, humid mist. The trees were gargantuan towers that neighbored each other, twisting upwards into the unknown dark heavens. The sun's presence peeked through the dense blanket of leaves and branches, creating thin beams of light stretching down upon the fog smeared archaic ground. I heard, in essence, the language of the earth in this forbidden temple of nature ? the groans of the beastly trees, the cries of the numerous residing creatures, but most of all I heard a daunting rumbling noise, which to my ears, was foreign even in this primal, seemingly remote area. I walked, but not of my own accord, to the roaring sound over yonder. It was my curiosity that steered me ? steering me towards the smooth rumbling noise, which my mind had no logic to provide. I wasn't frightened by the sound, though my rational reasoning insisted I should be. My intuition, on the other hand had no qualms about my aimless journey into the unknown, and as I paced closer, the sound now more likened to a ridiculously huge barrel being dragged across the surface of wet soil. I finally came to a halt in the Eden of mystery, the leaves from the atmosphere of dark green fluttered down and the vibration from the sound stirred my insides. The great rumbling throughout my body created a sudden fatigue, so I anchored myself over and rested my hands on my knees. Looking down ? my bare feet were engulfed by moist soil and bugs of no name I could properly think of. On my left leg, I gazed upon a thirteen legged spider gangling upward, and approaching my right, a caterpillar roughly the size of my arm lurched the ground. I yelled ? but sound wasn't what came out.
What I surveyed was the eye of a snake of a size I can't describe. Its color was of an almost blackish green, the scales being the size of a modern day vehicle. Surely, this thing was colossal, but like I mentioned, such words can hardly describe its girth. The eyes, which submerged me into a deep, hypnotic state, illuminated of a rich golden bronze and many other colors of which I can't begin to acknowledge. It stretched itself upwards swiftly, and to my eyes it seemed the height of the forest decided to stretch itself also, as if to accommodate the sheer size of the creature. The eyes still managed to glow in the massive shade of the giant, prehistoric forest and I found myself still entranced by them. The rumbling sound was now at its crescendo ? my body felt like a tribal drum that was being savagely hammered down upon by something only huge enough to be sheltered by this ancient forest.
"This thing is going to kill me," I thought. "I'm going to really fucking die?and I don't even know where I am." I closed my eyes, figuring that would disrupt the deep trance I was in. With my eyes closed, I came to realize the rumbling sound had completely stopped and so had all the talk of the forest ? it was complete silence. I opened my eyes slowly and gazed upon the same deep greens and charcoal browns of the mystical forest, but I did not see the enormous mammoth snake that seemed to paralyze my movement and breathing. It had vanished completely, and for a creature of its impossible size, I had considered its utter soundless disappearance an even more impossible feat.
Its presence, however remained, as if it still loomed above observing keenly as to my reaction to its disappearing act. I looked up, still expecting to meet the gaze of those huge golden glowing eyes, surrounded by the steamy darkness of the above thicket. The rumbling came back, but this time it seemed to be in my head. Fainting seemed like a very likely option as the thundering sound drummed inside my mind. I closed my eyes again, hoping to vanquish the now unbearable warble. It didn't, but the rhythm of the chaotic noise, to me became understandable; it was of a language no man would be able to understand, it transcended mere vocals and felt more like a rush of different emotions molding themselves into words ? it was the snake inside my mind.
In my mind's eye, I saw the snake in its entirety. It was then that I understood the snake was infinite in its girth, but inside my mind such a thing was comprehendible. It spoke in the same ancient tongue of meticulously molded emotions to relay its' message. The huge golden spheres locked onto me and I saw the universe within the slit pupils.
"With my eyes," the creature spoke, "I peer into your soul."
I wanted to ask the creature what it saw within my soul, but even in my mind I was in a trance-like paralysis, only able to ogle at the indefinable beauty that lied within the snake's eyes. The snake lowered its' head to my height? "You will gain my eyes and you will see the truth." The creature's eyes emerged from its enormous head like the birth of newborns and began to rotate like heavenly bronze planets. I, of course gazed at the now eyeless behemoth, the sockets were dark caves with endless voids stretching beyond infinity. It was then that the nauseating rumbling came back immediately inside my head and the rotating eyes morphed fluidly into countless tiny golden snakes, which descended and slithered up my legs, then to my midsection reaching my face and replaced my eyes.