So I was in class this morning, right? Right. Then my teacher (he is a guy) he takes me out of the class room, and asks me to go to the office for a blank sheet of paper, because he needed to do attendance. So, I went to the office, and I had gotten him a sheet of paper. Then he tells me that he had said for me to stay in the classroom while HE went to go and get the sheet of paper, and he had marked me absent. So then he told me to go to the office again, just to make sure I could change it, and it was his mistake. Then the office said that they had already punched the attedance into the computer, and when it's there it cannot be changed... So I went to the principal, and he said the same thing. So they called my dad, and let him know that I am actually in school, and they would tell them not to call my house because I am here. After that happened, first class was over, and my teacher came to apologize. He said he was sorry, and was ALMOST in tears... I mean, how sad can you get?? I said it was fine, no big deal... Then he just looked at me funny and walked off. ... Do you think that will affect my grade? I hope not.... Well, I am in class now, and before the teacher catches me on my labtop I am going to end this blog. Farewell, !!djsox!!.