There was so much promise to start the day.

Since August 2006, things have been disgustingly stressful. I've internalized it all, tried to maintain a cheerful disposition, remained optimistic about the future, and believe that my problems are ultimately nothing compared to what my family is going through. I've adapted to the circumstances no matter how stressful and uncomfortable it is because that is the least I can do.

Recently, I've decided to finally address them. I opened up to my family about graduate studies and career plans. I came close to dropping out only to have my professor shower me with amazing praises that prevented me from quitting. Today, I had a great conversation going on with my sister about my viewpoints on romantic relationships. It involved silly and serious discussions on a plethora of issues involving my personality, my expectations, and what I'm currently up to.

We were interrupted and we didn't finish our discussion.

Things went wrong. Tears I didn't expect to see. Words I didn't expect to hear.

I'm tired. I really am.

But somewhere somehow someway I'll persevere.