Yes, I am.

And maybe because this is High School, and for some insane unknown reason people have to make things dramatic.
Most of my reporters don't like me at all, before we even joined the class. (Well, they joined, I've been at it for three years, Editor-in-Chief baby!)
And now, they seem to think that whatever I say is subject to constant challenge. The reason why I am boss is because I make the decisions.

My teacher is such a pushover. He looks on and cowers in his little desk corner...

I really never cared if people hated me or not, I have a nice group of four friends that I adore, and everyone else either thinks I'm hilarious (even when I try to be serious oi!) or a bitch (but that's their fault, I don't set out to be a bitch, it just happens.)

I get along better with older people. But how many older people want to talk to a seventeen year old other than maybe my teachers?

(I'll be eighteen in two months, yay for legalness!)

I need a boyfriend. I tend to relax knowing I'll get a kiss at the end of the day, no matter what.

What a silly thought. :ano