sigh ive been going through some drama lately. i feel so bad for my best friend. things have been crappy for her and its sad. i feel really bad for her
On another note im super tired and yet im hyper. its weird i only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night. Plus my arm hurts really bad i think i did something to one of my muscles.
I'd like to rant about something. Fake Ass Friends
Basically i dont get why people think that they should be someones friend out of sympathy its acutally quite annoying becuz then they feel like your just a burden on them and when you find out they werent really your friend you feel like crap. PEOPLE IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE BE FOR REAL ABOUT IT. do you know how much it hurts to have someone be your friend and then out of nowhere they drop you like a rock? people it hurts. frankly ive been through it and the pain is unbearable. believe it. If you are going to be friends with someone be honest with them be nice to them and dont talk stuff about them behind their back because they are eventually going to hear about it. i found out that one of my friends who was claiming to be my friend said she'd like to strangle me because she thinks im too much of a threat. so you can imagine how i feel about this. it hurts. my best friend tells me everything because for some reason people dont seem to realize that she puts my feelings ahead of their secrets. If you are going to be a friend be a friend and be real about it. If not Piss off because drama is the last thing that people need. people need real friends. people who care about them. and people who talk about people behind other people's backs are just trying to make themself feel better about something. If you have a problem with somebody grow some cajones and tell it too their face believe me it may hurt but at least you are being honest. i'd rather have somebody be real about it to me. cuz finding out that somebody is talking about you behind your back is like painful. So all im sayin is dont be fake. be a true friend.
so yeah ill write later :D