Hi everyone. How's it going?

I feel good as I am about to write this...

This is my first time writing a blog so if I'm doing it wrong in the eyes of veterans feel free to point it out. I was reluctant to the idea of keeping a blog as soon as its feature came out because I am an "against the grain" kind of person, naturally. Not only that, but the little link in the mini-profile displaying the number of entries one had made wasn't appealing to me. Finally, I thought about it (for about a minute) and decided it was pointless fighting the urges to write and keep a blog when doing something like this looked so fun; so I felt I was missing out. This looks like it's dragging on, but I'll keep to the point.

In this first blog I'm going to talk about:
? NF Blogs;
? Sai from Naruto.

Let me begin...

NF Blogs

I'm happy to write these. They're a good tool to use if you want to let people know about stuff you want them to know about, and get some reaction from those people at the same time. I think I prefer blogs over getting out messages and receiving feedback through things like sigs and standard threads.

Also, in blogs, I don't think "tl;drs" have a place here. If you want to read a blog, you will and should probably only have the right to reply to one after reading a good amount of it. If you don't read a blog, what right do you have to reply to it? For some reason, I have the feeling that this is the difference between a blog and a thread. So, I don't mind spouting out "mindless shit" over a blog because to the people who think it matters, my message will reach them.

Sai from Naruto

This character is win, don't you know? Even, I, myself, can't truly put my finger on why I like him this much but his design appeals to me more than any other character's does; and his style is so unique it makes him stand out even more. I like how he is different and is considered an outcast and I feel that no matter who else is shown from where he comes from, he'll still be the guy from a world of his own.

Does anybody even think Kishimoto made a mistake by putting Sai in the manga? If so, they should be shot in the back of the head-...okay, not really but they need a string of reasons to say why and how they believe that. Better be good too!

Why the sudden interest in Sai? "Sudden" doesn't define my continuous interest in Sai but the time for his return to the manga storyline draws closer and I think now is a good time to remind people. I'm not expecting him to have any sort of flashy comeback and it's not like he had a flashy exit or anything, but he has silently drifted out of view completely. All I expect is for him to drift back in as quietly as he left and be important to the story's most important characters: Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Plus, what could the manga ever amount to now without showing Sai's godly midriff again?

Thank you for reading. I'll close this entry now and leave those who read with this gift...

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