In reference to my previous blog, I was right about what thread it was in. Toby_Christ got back to me. The post is

It originally read like this:

I don't think so. I just think BI! is just having trouble dealing with the strange feelings he's having towardone or two of his male friends.

Sure, it reads as kind of a smartassed remark, but I thought my point was still valid. Now it reads like this:

I don't think so. I did some and it has lead me to a few about and what it could stem from.

BI!'s apparent homophobia comes off as possibly being a couple things:

1) Internalized Homophobia -- Being homophobic because maybe BI! has had homosexual feelings, rejected them, and is internally punishing himself by having prejudice toward homosexuals.

2) Fears Being Identified as Gay -- Maybe BI! isn't considered very masculine amongst his peers or maybe he's insecure with his own masculinity. As a result, he makes sure everyone knows that he's absolutely not a homosexual by having extreme prejudice toward homosexuals to the point that things such as, but not limited to, equal employment rights are considered "special rights" to him.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. He may just be a type of that, instead of having overt prejudice toward women (who are "supposed to be feminine"), feels deep down that feminimity is vastly inferior to masculinity. This results in him shunning and disassociating himself with homosexual men who could possibly (and stereotypically) display feminine traits as to disassociate himself with any potential of showing a "feminine side" to his character.

That's what I think and was my source in explaining it for those who didn't click the links. If anyone wants more sources so I can further argue my point, I'll do a Google search and bring some up for you.

NOTE: This was edited because supposedly my original words were marked as "flamebait" and a moderator politely asked me to change the post. I mean no offense to the moderator who asked me to change my post if he is not satisfied with how it was changed. I just feel that my point was justified and that I have the right to argue my point. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

So, there you have it. If I get banned, you'll know why.