Fundamental truisms.

1. How cool would it be if Kisame spoke in a british accent? The correct answer is: Very godamned cool.

2. Using the word "fuck" doesn't make you cool. Lot's of people do it, hell, I abuse it like red headed step child, but if the word "fuck" actually surpasses the amount of actual words in a sentence, you have a problem.

3. Queen is epic. If you hate Queen, then you are a disgrace to humanity and you should repent.

4. Driving on a beautiful day with your windows down and singing off key in a horrible tone will always put you in a good mood.

5. 90% of the people on these forums do not understand the word "plot device," "fodder," and "emo."

6. If you make five or six threads a day about your favorite character, whilst it be various forms of glorification or pointless speculation (wut would happen if Hinata/Sasuke/Kabuto had eyebeam lazers and a demon in her belly), you have no right to be annoyed when the hatebase starts rising up. And you especially have no right to say "Hating a character because of their fandom is stupid."

Also, I don't want to hear about how your character is unfairly bashed. Iwas a fan of Sakura pretimeskip, I don't have the empathy for you.

7. If you can't like someone who hates your favorite character or pairing, you need to gtfo out of fandom, because it only gets worse from here. But it might be too late for you, if you can get that pissed about a fictional character, then you are a probably a lonely idiot that nobody likes.

8. Blender is not a shit hole.

Okay, maybe it is, but it's a underestimated shithole.

Let me reiterate an analogy that I overuse. Have you ever seen the movie Kung Pao? It's a horrible movie, but I love it. You see, it's a movie that you have to watch in the right company. The first time I watched it by myself and had to turn it off. Then I watched with my siblings and their friends and I almost fell out of the chair.

Blender's like that. It's silly contrived spam for the most part, but it's silly contrived spam with good friends and in amusing company. Blender is about lulz and random, but it's more about being silly with friends, it's a community thing. If it hadn't been for Blender, I wouldn't know half the people I've come to love today.

9. I use to be an elitist bitch when it came to the internet. I refused to post internet macros, I only typed in proper grammar, never cursedm and refused to associate with people that used internet lingo.

I went to NF and became a troll. I regularly use "lol" and "gtfo" and I thrive in political incorrectness.

I think internet maturity works backwards.

10. Gwen Stephanie is the worst punishment god has set down the earth to plague us all.





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