And today?s winner of thatreevesgirl's ?I want to beat you with a thorny stick? award goes to?THE GUYS AT THE HARDWARE STORE!!!!

Seriously people, I?m a girl who knows the basics of hand tools, powertools, etc. I am not one of those girls that walks into a hardware store and asks idiotic things. I salivate when I look at electric drills and tablesaws. Nothing like?

Stupid Lady: ?So my husband says that I need a thingamajigger with this sharp pointy teethy thingamabob to cut the branches of my tree. What?s it called?a sss?sss??

Asshole clerk: ?A saw ma?am??

Stupid Lady: ?No?that?s not it??

No, I am not like that, but I wasn?t used to the layout of the particular hardware store I went to (mostly because it made no fucking sense, this is why I normally go to Home Depot or Menards)

Me: (to the cashier at the front who wasn?t doing anything): Where?s your awls?

Cashier: a what?

Me: an awl

Cashier: *proceeds to give Beth a look of complete ?WTF are you talking about? I don?t know what an awl is?*

Me: You know, handle, very pointy end, you tap it with a hammer and it makes holes or marks on things.

Cashier: Oh, yeah, that is in the housewares section on the wall by the mops.

In my head I was thinking this: I know what fucking awls are, you work in a hardware store and you don?t, yet you still send me back to the ?women?s section?? Fuck you dumbfuck.

So I wander the store for awhile, finally deducing that they have put awls with the chisels (makes a little sense) in what is listed as the sandpaper aisle (makes no sense to me either). They only have a marking awl, which is too large and the end is too stubby for what I needed. I really kind of wanted a leather awl. So I spend about 15 minutes herding the clerks until I corner one of them (they were avoiding me, probably so they wouldn?t get woman ?I need a thingamawhoosit? talk which they stereotype women as having in hardware stores). I asked him, and he told me that there were no other awls, none. I find this suspicious, seeing as there is usually a variety of awls at most stores, but accept it and leave the store before the employees give me a migraine.

Stupid jerks. Seriously, I?m never going there again.