There once was a time where I didn't even think about the possibility of owning a 360. Granted my thoughts were always on getting a PS3 but I never really dismissed the 360, especially since I looked back on my first experience with the system back in '06. Around that time a friend of mine invited me over to his house for studying and afterwards did a little gaming. I remember playing Ninety-Nine Nights, Dead of Alive 4, and browsing a bit on Live (particularly Street Fighter II). Needless to say, it was an interesting experience.

I think what really drove me to get one (in addition to the recent price cut) is the fact that quite a few JRPGs are scheduled to appear on the console. Of the two games I have so far, one of them is Tales of Vesperia. I'm absolutely loving the game. My next purchases will be Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant (which I will probably buy on the PS3 as well btw). Another JRPG purchase far into the future is Star Ocean 4. Good times.

I'm also beginning to look at other games as I join friends on LIVE (I have a gold subscription). A friend has already recommended that I get Gears of War 2 when it releases. I'm particularly looking forward to Left 4 Dead since that looks like it will be an awesome multiplayer experience. Fable 2 also managed to pique my interest so I'm looking into that as well (never played the first though).

All in all, I'm really happy with my purchase so far and now I'm sure to not miss out on anything that's released since I now own both the PS3 (80GB MGS4 bundle now with 160GB HDD) and Xbox 360 (Pro w/ 60GB HDD). Well, then again there is the Wii...:laugh