dementia;11016276 said:
Have you ever notice that God stands for Gaara Of the Desert?:omg


Do not doubt the word of the demented.:noworry

Gaara was born through a mystic process.
We all know that Jesus entered the world under uncertain circumstances from a virgin woman. Being fused with a sand demon before birth is just as creepy, don't you think?
He can heal kill by only moving his hand.
God waves his hand and the mountain crumbles; Gaara waves his hand and the enemy is splashed like a bug.
He died to atone the sins of human kind.
Yes, that's right. To the last moment, he cared about the sinful city that lied beneath his godly feet, sacrifising himself for the good of his people.
He made a ressurection.

What I am saying, is:
Gaara is a God.


P.S. If you find yourself converted, you can wear this in your NF sig:

Gaara is a God.
If you're a believer, put this phrase in your sig.

Even more proof coming now from Naruwards 2007.
Gaara says it himself:
Diego Serrano;12808023 said:
Nomination for the Best Moment:
Gaara's resurrection, surrounded by all the people who care about him (Shippuuden 31/chapter 279)

Gaara: That moment proofs 100% that I?m Jesus, bitches.

Nuff said!